Communication Tactics

Evolve Your Approach to Communications by Engaging Your Workforce Where They Spend Their Time. Hint: It’s Not Email.

As more technologies are created that make communicating easier and faster, email may be a thing of the past. For a communications professional, the days of sending an all company memo via email is being replaced by posting the message on social media. That’s a major shift, not only in tone of voice but also in recognizing where your workforce spends most of their time.

In this Forbes article, “As Workplace Communication Evolves, Email May Not Prevail,” companies that want to remain competitive and attract the best talent must offer technology that empowers real-time collaboration, is mobile-optimized and makes life simpler for the end user. Forbes doesn’t pull its punches: The article refers to email as one-dimensional and simply outdated. It is no longer the standard, especially for millennials who may prefer consuming information on social and collaborative platforms where open discussions are second nature.

So where does this leave communication teams? Select or adopt a software platform Jabber or Slack that is accessible to the entire organization and helps people get their stuff done. Meet your workforce where they are, change your messages to a more conversational tone and encourage discussion. Many of these tools also offer the ability to provide more visual content with features such as embedded video to help make your content more engaging.

You will appreciate that social media provides almost real-time feedback. Let the world, whether it’s your company or the planet teach you what works and what doesn’t.

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