From the beginning, Bonavox has been based on a set of core values that both define and guide us. Our values are not just empty words; they are what you can expect working with us. However, if you don’t like them, we have others. (Kidding).


For our clients, our people, and our work.
At Bonavox, we like to say that no one is too good to take out the trash. Everyone is valued, including our clients who deserve nothing less than our best.


We have character. We are characters.
We say what we mean. We do what we say. We meet our commitments and try to bring a little crazy passion to every job.


We use every crayon in the box.
We tap into the full range of possibilities to meet our clients’ needs, including a colorful palette of creative people.

Uncommon Good

We do uncommonly good stuff.
Why “good,” not “great”? We believe good to be a far more powerful word, and a better fit for who we are and how we operate – good people doing good work for a good purpose. Good is great.